Creation of an interdepartmental framework for boating and boating


The France Maritime Committee and the Confédération du Nautisme et de la Plaisance have announced the creation of an interministerial framework dedicated to boating and pleasure boating. A body to coordinate professionals in the sector and administration

A presidential promise

On 8 November 2016, during the"Assises de l'Economie de la mer" in La Rochelle, the President of the Republic François Hollande called for the creation of a platform bringing together public and private players in the maritime economy: the France Maritime Committee. In line with this decision, a yachting committee has been created within the France Maritime Committee.

Grouping of professionals and institutions

The Secretary General for the Sea, the President of the French Maritime Cluster and the President of the Confédération du Nautisme et de la Plaisance (CNP) officially installed the"Comité du nautisme et de la plaisance" on Monday 6 November 2017. It brings together members of the Confédération du Nautisme et de la Plaisance representing its various families, industries and services, sports, marinas, users, but also the coastal regions and the various State services. It will deal with nautical problems requiring inter-ministerial coordination. Co-chaired by Vincent Bouvier, Secretary General for the Sea, and Yves Lyon-Caen, Chairman of the CNP, while the committee will meet in plenary to launch the major work, the work should mainly take place in technical working groups.

An expected body

The elected representatives of the various colleges represented are delighted that the committee has been set up. Jean Kiffer, vice-president in charge of the users' college, is delighted with this new framework, which allows work to be carried out in consultation with all the administrations concerned. The latter also welcome the introduction of this flexible cooperation tool within the France Maritime Committee.

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