In a Word / The boating industry is on the move - 06 November 2017

Sea Tag Security Bracelet

Clipper Sails and SO Sails, Sea Tags and Navicom, Sextant Central and Grand Banks have made the news in recent days.

Clipper Voiles joins the SO Sails network

The Clipper Voiles sailmaker, installed at Frontignan, became a technical point and SO Sails reseller. The company, managed by Nicolas Hoog and Mikael Auger, will be the SO Sails network's reference for the western Mediterranean, from La Grande-Motte to Cap d'Agde. While continuing the local production of custom sails and accessories for cruising and regattas, Clipper Voiles completes its offer with the sails proposed online by SO sails. The sailmaker thus intends to respond to all Mediterranean sailors whatever their sailing programme and budget.

Navicom takes distribution of Sea Tags

The manufacturer of safety wristbands for navigation Sea Tags awards the distribution of its products for France to Navicom. The new distributor is in charge of the entire French market. Sea Tags previously managed its French distribution directly, with 80% of last year's products sold through the Uship network. The new agreement will be operational at Nautic 2017.

Sextant Centrale holds its test days

Sextant Centrale, the nautical cooperative, will hold its traditional test days on 9 and 10 November 2017 in PlÚrin. The event, which has become a must in Breton sailing schools, will bring together around fifty sailing clubs and more than thirty equipment and material manufacturers, who will be able to present and test their products.

Grand Banks deals with the European market directly

Grand Banks Shipyard has announced the appointment of 5"yacht consultants" for Europe. Colin Watts, Gert Van Barneveld, Albert Gerritsma, Henrik Petersen and Per Thrane will be in charge of carrying the"direct factory sales" policy implemented by the American brand. This strategy, which is bearing fruit in the United States, intends to move away from the dealer system and create a direct relationship between the yard and the customer.

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