Bénéteau Group, an annual result doubled in 2017

Bénéteau Headquarters

The Bénéteau Group has published its 2016-2017 annual results. Operating performance and financial strength strengthened, while sales continued to rise. A dynamic that the French leader in yachting wants to strengthen in 2017-2018.

Solid sales growth

The Bénéteau Group presented its annual results for the 2016-2017 financial year. The overall increase in sales is 11.5%, reaching ?1.208 billion. Sales for the yacht division alone exceed ?1 billion. 1.026 billion, an increase of 12.2%. This is the third consecutive year of solid growth for the yachting division.

Significantly improved economic performance

85.6 million, up 96.1%, while consolidated net income more than doubled. 60.1 million, up 138.9%.

The Yachts Division's operating income from ordinary activities also grew strongly, reaching 78.9 million euros, up 71.3%. The Group sees this significant improvement in operating profitability as the first effects of the Transform to Perform plan, which focuses on product strategy and the adaptation of production resources.

More sailboats

Monohull and multihull yachts benefit from good dynamics. The sailing segment will account for 44% of the Bénéteau Group's sales in 2016-2017, compared with 41% in the previous year.

Sun Odyssey 319, announced in 2017

Boom in the boat business in South America

While the situation in Brazil remains complex, as the group acknowledged when it closed its business at Angra dos Reis at the end of 2016, the rest of the South American market is booming. Turnover there is up by 217.8% to 19.7 million euros. The two main markets, Europe and North America, posted balanced growth of around 8%. The lower number of large units sold in Asia, which had the lowest number of units sold, led to a 5.3% drop in sales, while the rest of the world grew by 49.5%.

Good trend in 2017-2018

The Group will continue the investments planned in the Transform to Perform plan in 2017-2018, through the following actions:

  • Deployment of safety, quality, industrial efficiency and common platforms plans
  • Sustained product investment to ensure a strengthened and innovative offering
  • Sustained investment in industrial capacity (multihull, outboard, American boats)
  • International business development, in particular in North America (American brands) and in the large yacht segment (multihull and motor yachts)
  • Industrial transformation (factory of the future)
  • Development of the digital service offer

While the European autumn shows were positive, the Bénéteau Group is banking on a similar trend in the United States, which should ensure continued growth. The high demand from charter companies to replace the fleets of boats destroyed by the hurricanes has led to an anticipated increase in the order book.

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