Interview / IDB Marine:"10 years is export time for our sailboats."

Denis Bourbigot, founder of IDB Marine

Denis Bourbigot, founder of IDB Marine, explains to his strategy with 2 ranges of sailboats Mojito and Malango and the development projects of the company, in export and in Mini 6.50.

Can you present IDB Marine in a few figures?

Denis Bourbigot: I founded IDB in 2006, before being joined in 2011 by Edouard Pascal Benois. We have produced about sixty yachts in 10 years. With 12 employees, we now have an annual turnover of ?1.4 million. We currently sail about ten boats a year.

What is IDB Marine's customer profile?

Denis Bourbigot: It's rarely his first boat. The yachtsman who comes to IDB already has a culture of this type of boats. This allows technical discussion with him and allows him to make use of his navigation experience. We also have a duty to advise the customer, so that he buys our boats only if they suit his way of sailing.

Malango 10.88

You work today on 2 ranges, Mojito and Malango. How does this translate industrially?

Denis Bourbigot: This is an interesting strategy to limit costs by sharing the equipment as much as possible between 2 models. The choice between the panoramic roof of the Mojito and the more classic Malango is now integrated from the design stage on the new Malango 10.88. The hull is common, the deck preform is identical, only the roof is changed. This is an important gain and we want to release the Mojito version as soon as possible.

You had plans to expand the site, what about it?

Denis Bourbigot: With 10 boats per year, we are at the maximum of our industrial tool. We had a project on the spot which did not succeed and we leave ourselves the time of the reflection for the continuation. What is certain is that today we have 1200 m² and that we would need 2000 to 2500 m². Today, our delivery time is one season.

Mojito 10.88

What are the future commercial developments?

Denis Bourbigot: From the boat point of view, we will renew the range, with the 9.99. As we are in a market of opportunity, we need a request from a customer.

With 2 boats delivered in Switzerland, we feel that the time has come to export. We touch the fruits of the work done in Düsseldorf. International is the future to exceed 10 boats.

Can we consider the One-Off sailboat at IDB Marine?

Denis Bourbigot: Why not? Why not? We are currently working on a Mini 6.50 as standard with naval architect David Raison, to bring Scow's bow into the series. David Raison's One-Off culture meets our know-how on small series. There is a contribution for everyone. We remain open.

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