Breton marinas put the accent on reception


The association of marinas in Brittany publishes a guide to disseminate good public reception practices. A commendable initiative as the summer season approaches.

A guide to good practice

The Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne (APPB) has just published its"small practical guide for the reception in marinas". Intended for the personnel of the 72 member ports of the structure, it gathers the good practices of reception as well on land as on water in the various port basins or on the technical zones. Organized by sheet, the work is intended for all the personnel of the marinas brought to welcome pleasure boaters. At a time when the services offered are multiplying and consumption patterns and yachtsmen's expectations are changing, marinas must put the emphasis on the quality of the reception.

Collaborative work for all

The guide published by the APPB is the result of collaborative work. It was written following a seminar organised by the association with its members at the Thalasso de Concarneau. Entitled"Les clés pour un accueil de qualité" (Keys to a quality welcome), this meeting, articulated between workshops and exchanges with Philippe Détrie, author of the book"Les réclamations clients" (Customer complaints), allowed the writing of a book shared by all.

Published in June, the guide is a tool to prepare the tourist season. It is an opportunity to remind the permanent staff of good practices, but also a good support for the integration of seasonal workers.

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