Compositeworks delivers its first refit to La Rochelle

The Yacht Ulysses before its refit by Compositeworks

With the Ulysses, Compositeworks signs a first weight delivery in La Rochelle. A refit of yacht which should bring others with the installation to come of the dry dock.

1st delivery since the takeover of Atlantic Refit Center

The delivery to its owner of the megayacht Ulysses, after its refit in La Rochelle, marks an important step for Compositeworks. It is indeed the first shipyard realized in the Atlantic port by the company, specialist in the refit of yachts, since the takeover of the rochelais shipyard Atlantic Refit Center in September 2016.

Major works and limited time

Arrived on February 19, 2017 in La Rochelle, Ulysses, 107 meters long, underwent important work during 3 months. Involving more than 170 people, including the 40 crew members, the interventions carried out within the Compositeworks yard focused in particular on the complete overhaul of the hull paint (2500 m²) with the application of plasters and finishing lacquer. Technical and aesthetic optimization work was also carried out.

A strengthened presence in La Rochelle

In its press release, Compositeworks welcomes a project carried out within the deadlines and budgets agreed with the shipowner and involving the entire local fabric of maritime companies. The company sees in this a confirmation of the relevance of its economic model and the interest for the local nautical ecosystem of its rock establishment.

The announced cover of the dry dock used by Compositeworks, postponed with the arrival of the Ulysses, should be able to start quickly and offer another argument for the development of yacht refit activities in La Rochelle.

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