Nautic, an action plan to revitalize the show


Nautic Festival has delivered its action plan to relaunch the Nautic de Paris. Initiatives for leisure visitors and exhibitors.

A shared approach

Nautic Festival, the new entity in charge of organising the Nautic for the Fédération des Industries Nautiques, launched a series of meetings with exhibitors at the show last April. Its director, Alain Pichavant, is delighted with the quality of the exchanges. "The takeover of the organisation by the Fédération des Industries Nautiques was very well received. There is a very positive dynamic which should allow a good synergy with the exhibitors. Their feedback confirmed our plans for the Nautic and allowed us to prioritize them well."

From these exchanges, Nautic Festival was able to set up and validate an action plan over 3 years, aimed at revitalizing the Nautic. The investment represents approximately 10% of the show's turnover and targets yachtsmen and professionals. The 2017 actions bring new spaces to attract new audiences, while 2018 will tackle digital and 2019 the internationalization of the show.

Attracting new audiences

Several actions are launched in 2017 to attract new visitors:

  • Develop beach activities, first access to water sports, such as Beach Volley in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports.
  • Organize boat licence sessions at the show and invite all new licence holders who have obtained them within the year.
  • Create spaces entirely dedicated to boat visits, so that a maximum number of visitors can board at least one boat.
  • Create a space dedicated to leasing with purchase option.
  • Create a space dedicated to the maintenance of motor boats.
  • Promote small motor boats and sailing boats, which are not sufficiently exposed, by making commercial offers to exhibiting yards.

Making exhibitors' lives easier

Initiatives aimed at exhibitors are also planned for the Nautic 2017 :

  • Group suppliers under a single pole so that the exhibitor has only one contact to organise his participation.
  • Offer a partial participation over only 4 days to exhibitors whose sector does not require 9 days, like sliding or fishing.
  • Authorize the sale of clothing to take into the living room.
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