Dismasting of the catamaran Jesseas II, Privilège Marine specifies its position

Privilège Marine explained its position to boatindustry.com, after the dismasting of the first Privilège 7 Series, the catamaran Jesseas II, whose images circulated on the internet.

A video of the rescue that made people talk

Following the dismasting and the water runway suffered by Jesseas II, the first catamaran of the Marine Privilege 7 Series model, a Spanish rescue video and various articles circulated on the internet, some of them implicating the construction of the boat. We contacted the yard to find out their position and explanations.

No lawsuits pending against the site

After having obviously regretted the accident suffered by the catamaran, Privilège Marine informed us that at this stage, no official procedure is in progress, involving the yard.

In the meantime, all slanderous rumours will be prosecuted by Marine Privilege.

No consequences for the site

Privilège Marine states that the dismasting of the Jesseas II in no way endangers the future of the shipyard.

Video details

The yard insisted on the qualification of the incident, which it called dismasting and not sinking. Not being present on board at the time of the accident, the representatives of Privilège Marine remind that they cannot draw any conclusion. Without accusing anyone, the yard wished to bring observations on the video of the rescue of the Jesseas II :

  • The boat was abandoned in sight of the coast
  • When the vessel was abandoned, the mast and boom were hanging to starboard with the sails in position and the vessel did not appear to be sinking.
  • The liferaft had not been dropped and was still in the cockpit.
  • The tender was in position on his davit.
  • In the photographs where the vessel was moored alongside the tug after the rescue, it had not sunk and only the starboard hull, from which the mast had previously hung, was under water.
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