The Chantier du Guip is expanding to accommodate more boats

Extension of the Chantier du Guip in Brest

The Chantier du Guip, specialist in wooden ships, is opening a new nave in Brest and would like to modernise on its Ile aux Moines site. Needs guided by a well-stocked order book.

A new nave for the Guip Brest

The main site of the Chantier du Guip, the Brest site is equipped with a new nave of 400 m², 12 m wide. It will enable the shipyard, a reference in the marine structure and which employs 20 people in Brest, to cope with the steady increase in workload. Equipped with a travelling crane, the new building is insulated, unlike the rest of the site, and will allow the site to carry out certain works such as painting under better temperature control conditions.

Already covered and out of water, the building, which will be finished by summer 2017, is already operational. A boat is already under construction.

Ile aux Moines modernization project

The historic site, located at the Guip site on Ile aux Moines, is cramped in its current buildings. Located in a protected area, the site, which employs 5 people, has renovation projects. Paul Bonnel, site manager, wishes to build a new building there, but needs specific authorisations linked to the coastal law, currently under discussion.

In order to accommodate larger boats, the Chantier du Guip also wishes to steal the approaches to the hold of Ile aux Moines. He wants to increase the permissible draught from 1.90 m to 2.30 m.

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