Bénéteau Group, sales and forecasts on the rise

Bénéteau Headquarters

The Bénéteau Group announces a strong increase in its turnover in the first half and revises upwards its growth forecasts for 2016-2017.

Overall growth of Bénéteau Group

All the Bénéteau Group's activities posted improved results, with an overall increase in turnover of 23.6% in the first half of 2016-2017. It amounts to 430.3 million euros.

Boat division, driven by rental and North America

The Bénéteau Group's yacht division's sales totalled 351.8 million euros in the first half of 2016-2017, up 20.8%. Growth was particularly strong in the US market, with an increase of 23.8% in Central and North America and 272.2% in South America (although a much smaller market).

Beyond the overall price and volume effects, the Bénéteau Group explains this increase by two main effects:

  • The high level of rental fleet orders, resulting in 4 growth points
  • The entry into force of the new European directive on recreational craft which led the brand to anticipate the marketing of certain models, resulting in 7.4 growth points

Outlook revised upwards

With an order book up 16% at 28 February 2017, the yacht division has increased its annual revenue growth targets to +10%. With the housing business also returning to a positive trend, the Bénéteau Group as a whole has revised its growth forecast for 2016-2017 to +10%, anticipating current operating income between 63 and 68 million euros.

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