Bénéteau Boat Club, 1st single-brand boat club in France

Bénéteau Boat Club

While independent boat clubs are flourishing in France, the Bénéteau shipyard in Vendée is launching its own boat club. A model that relies on dealers and wants to boost the network.

A boat club of mark

The American concept of the boat club has recently arrived in France. After MyBoatClub.fr and the Boat Club de France, it is Bénéteau's turn to launch its Boat Club. If the previous initiatives were independent of the shipyards and offered boats of several brands, this new player will therefore be entirely linked to Bénéteau.

After a membership, fixed for the moment at 1000 €, the members of the club have access to the use of its boats on all the bases, in the measure of the credits, acquired thanks to the monthly contributions.

A dealer initiative

Bénéteau had been thinking about the concept for a long time, but it was finally on the initiative of its dealers that the Bénéteau Boat Club was born. It groups, within a dedicated company, 14 bases in the Atlantic, French Mediterranean, Balearic Islands and Spain. These dealers, who were already renting, are investing to make 80 boats available to the club, all in range for less than 3 years.

Jérôme Caillaud, from La Baule Nautic, at the origin of the project, insists on the already solid base. "We've all rented before. The last 100 yards, we know them."

Interest for the commercial network

The Bénéteau Boat Club should open in 2018 to the rest of Europe, in a winning model for the Bénéteau network as a whole, according to Jérôme Caillaud. "It is a model where everyone can find their way. The north will surely provide users for the south, but thanks to this it will have contact with customers in its area. Seduced by navigation, it can eventually become a customer for the dealer."

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