Nicolas Hénard, the frondeur takes over the presidency of the French Sailing Federation

Nicolas Hénard was elected President of the French Sailing Federation on 25 March 2017. He won the vote against Jean-Luc Denéchau, runner-up to the outgoing FFVoile president, Jean-Pierre Champion.

A tight election

Nicolas Hénard's list obtained 53% of the votes, with 56,938 votes, during the vote organised by the FFVoile on 25 March 2017. He therefore won the presidency of the federation, against the only other list, led by Jean-Luc Denéchau, which obtained 50,790 votes. There were 4,002 abstentions.

Nicolas Hénard succeeds Jean-Pierre Champion who managed the FFVoile for 20 years, 5 consecutive terms.

Victory of the slinger

Nicolas Hénard, 52 years old former Olympic sailing champion, was part of the outgoing team. He finally applied against Jean-Luc Denéchau, candidate nominated by the outgoing president. The dynamics of his election probably benefited from the grumbling of some clubs, especially in Brittany, about the management of licences and sailing passports. Indeed, the electors who vote for the board of directors of the FFVoile are designated in the regions and their weight depends on the number of licensees. Brittany had thus designated only Nicolas Hénard's supporters.

You can find the outline of its programme in our pre-election interview.

Put clubs back in the center

Nicolas Hénard welcomed this election, while announcing to put the clubs at the center of the game.

"We crossed the line in the lead but the race was tight until the end. I am obviously happy with this result and also very proud of my crew. I am aware of our responsibility now. We are taking over a federation in good shape and our objective is to continue to develop it by positioning the clubs at the centre of the game

New Board of Directors

  • Nicolas HENARD
  • Claire FOUNTAINE
  • Jean-Pierre SALOU
  • Sylvie HARLE
  • Frédérique PFEIFFER
  • Henri BACCHINI
  • François PITOR
  • Philippe MEUNIER
  • Marie-Pierre CHAURAY
  • Bernard MALLARET
  • Caroline LOBERT
  • Olivier AVRAM
  • Ode PAPAIS
  • Hervé ROGUEDAS
  • Valérie DARROU
  • Frédéric BERTIN
  • Géraldine RIGAUD
  • Stéphane FRETAY
  • Hélène CARDON
  • Jean-Pierre LOSTIS
  • Sabine LAPERCHE
  • Laurence MEZOU
  • Claudine TATIBOUET
  • Jean-Luc DENECHAU
  • Jean-Claude MERIC
  • Corinne MIGRAINE
  • Edward RUSSO
  • Nathalie PEBEREL
  • Olivier BOVYN
  • Christine FOURICHON
  • Denis HOREAU
  • Serge PALLARES
  • Christian SILVESTRE

The new Executive Board will be appointed after the next meeting of the Management Board.

Report : FFV Sailing, Election 2017

Nicolas Hénard:"We have to create an ecosystem between the FFVoile and the nautical industry."

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