NMMA concerned about Trump boating budget

NMMA concerned about Trump boating budget

The Trump Administration's draft budget worries American boating professionals. The NMMA believes that it poses a risk to the boating industry and water sports.

Budget cuts in federal agencies

President Trump's 2018 tax project was presented on March 16, 2017, with full details expected in May. As it stands, it provides for a 10% increase in the defence budget, but a corresponding decrease in non-military expenditure. The DOI (Department of Interior) will lose 1.5 billion dollars, the Army Corps of Engineer 1 billion dollars and the environmental protection agency will show a decrease of 31.4% by losing 2.6 billion dollars of endowments.

Budget cuts could cover various programs of these agencies, ranging from beach and nature reserve management to recreational fishing and economic support for the boating and export industries.

NMMA Concern

The NMMA, the American association of boating professionals, is concerned, through its president Thom Dammrich, about budget cuts to these institutions, each of which has an impact on boating in their own way.

"The NMMA understands the fiscal climate facing our nation and the need to streamline federal agency programs for greater effectiveness. We look forward to working with the administration and Capitol members to ensure that the final budget puts outdoor sports and the boating industry first. Even in a limited fiscal period, focusing on outdoor sports and the boating industry will bring dividends to the U.S. economy. We must invest in federal waters and territories and ensure conservation and access to our country's protected resources."

NMMA indicated that it would continue to monitor the progress of the draft budget.

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