Marinas, professional training needs


The observatory of marinas of AGEFOS PME publishes its portrait of the sector. Ports are doing well, but sometimes struggle to train their staff.

A national survey

After an initial study carried out in 2015 in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the French Federation of Marina Ports (FFPP) wished to extend its survey on the social state of the ports to the whole of the French coastline. It has therefore joined forces with the observatory of the professional branch of AGEFOS PME.

Together they drew up a questionnaire, sent to all members in August 2015. Only 38 valid responses were received, of which almost two thirds were on the Mediterranean coast. The results should therefore be taken with caution.

Healthy ports

Among the responding ports, the vast majority show a good economic health. 61% declare a stable turnover and 32% an increase over the last 3 years.

For 40% of them, they wish to diversify their activity towards the tourist sector. Regulatory monitoring remains the main objective for 53% of marinas.

Low recruitment need

In the study, only 21% of the responses indicated an intention to recruit within 6 months. When he intervenes, this is done mainly through spontaneous applications or by word of mouth.

The two main obstacles to hiring, according to the ports interviewed, are the qualifications of the candidates and the seasonal nature of the activity.


To develop their activity, 66% of marinas wish to rely on the versatility of their employees. Most of the training required for this purpose concerns compulsory certifications or skills development. For employees, this mainly concerns languages and environmental management, while managers and executives are looking for administrative and management training.

The ports underline the difficulty in finding training locally and encourage the idea of inter-port training.

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