Victoria Yachting, a change of direction but no course

Victoria Yachting Bedding

Loïc Derville, 31 years old, takes over Victoria Yachting, the specialist of sleeping on board. No revolution, but a smooth transmission to continue to develop the business and win back professionals.

Willingness to undertake

It was Loïc Derville's entrepreneurial spirit that pushed him to take over Victoria Yachting, the company specialising in marine bedding. Only 31 years old and a graduate of an engineering school, the young man was an employee at Loréal for 6 years. In 2016, he wishes to cross the milestone and take over a company. Originally from the Lille region, he is getting closer to a local association for the creation and transfer of businesses. During a meeting with Alain Lebel, founder of Victoria Yachting, a member of the structure suggested that he prepare the sale of his company. The 65 year old manager says he is ready to sell the company provided the candidate is serious. Appointment is taken in May 2016. The contact goes perfectly and in November, the transfer is recorded.

Smooth transmission

The objective for the young entrepreneur is to continue the work started by his predecessor. It's not about revolutionizing everything, but learning from Victoria Yachting's experience and making the company evolve with the times. Alain Lebel remains with the company to take care of commercial and creative aspects, in order to ensure the handover under the best conditions.

Loïc Derville brings with him his engineering background in the industry, his knowledge of the luxury sector, and his taste for digital tools. So many assets which he wishes to make benefit Victoria Yachting, in particular on Internet.

Mega-Yacht and professional yards

After the crisis of 2008, many shipyards had drawn prices on bedding, pushing Victoria Yachting to refocus on private yachtsmen, who currently represent 70% of the activity. Loïc Derville wishes to revitalize partnerships with yacht builders.

His knowledge of the luxury sector also led him to want to develop the megayacht business.

The new buyer therefore looks to the future with confidence.

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