Shipyard Kervilor, a buyer to boost the activity

Job-site Kervilor - Les Ateliers d'Olivier

Les Ateliers d'Olivier take over the Kervilor site at La Trinité-sur-mer. The aim is to breathe new life into the shipyard's technical activity and reopen the shipchandler shop.

Partial Recovery

After some difficult times, the Kervilor-Vanek shipyard, which made the good hours of La Trinité-sur-mer, had been taken over in October 2010 by its neighbour No Limit Marine. The latter has just sold the shipyard's buildings and technical activity to the Ateliers d'Olivier. No Limit Marine retains the median, storage and handling activities, as well as the Jeanneau concessions.

From mobile construction sites to real buildings

The takeover of the Kervilor site and the acquisition of fixed infrastructures represent a real change for the Ateliers d'Olivier, founded in 2005 by Olivier Michaud. The company has made itself known thanks to its mobile shipyard activity throughout Morbihan. Its vans and teams ensure maintenance and upkeep operations, but also finishing and painting operations on all the ports of the department. Nomadic and sedentary work will now coexist.

Develop the service-maintenance division

Thanks to the buildings of the Kervilor shipyard, the Olivier Workshops will be able to propose new technical solutions and respond more easily to the needs of their customers. Although the company's first historical activity, repair and maintenance, had moved into second place compared to the painting activity and its major projects such as the trimarans IDEC and Sodebo. It will be able to be relaunched and extended thanks to the new infrastructures.

Reopening of the shipchandler

With limited hours and limited distribution work, Kervilor's shop had lost its importance. The new management wishes to re-open it to all, DIY and professional boaters, with complete schedules. It will offer technical equipment such as paint, composites or anodes as well as advice.

Investment and Hiring

With the takeover of the Kervilor site, Les Ateliers d'Olivier went from 4 permanent employees to 9 employees, via the takeover of staff and new hires.

Investments should also follow to improve the quality of services. They will focus on the paint booth and a room dedicated to small composite parts.

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