Election to the French Sailing Federation, how is it going?

French Sailing Federation

The election at the head of the French Sailing Federation is approaching. We remind you of how it works and what's at stake, while a grumbling goes on in some clubs.

While many clubs are publicly complaining about their relations with the French Sailing Federation, the latter is preparing to renew its board of directors and its president. The winner among Jean-Luc Denéchau and Nicolas Hénard, the two declared candidates, will have to find a way to reconnect with the base. While waiting to reveal to you our exchanges with each one on his program, here is a reminder in some points of the various stages of the process of designation.

Who elects who?

The representatives of the clubs designate in each general assembly of the League of Electors. These electors, who may be different from those elected to the League, then participate in the ballot to choose the majority list and the future president of the French Sailing Federation.

Allocation of seats

It is a list vote, majority, in 1 round. Voters vote for the list of their choice, without being able to delete their names, change their order or mix the lists.

17 seats out of 32 are allocated to the top list. The rest is distributed among all the lists, on a proportional basis.

The term of office is 4 years.

Who can be elected?

To be elected to the FFVoile board of directors, you need to be of legal age and hold a valid FFVoile club licence.

The dates

8 February 2017 : Deadline for submission of lists

February to March 2017: Meetings of the elective General Assemblies of the Leagues to designate the electors who will vote by secret ballot in the final ballot

March 25, 2017 Federal elections appointing the FFVoile Board of Directors and President.

Report : FFV Sailing, Election 2017

Nicolas Hénard, the frondeur takes over the presidency of the French Sailing Federation

What the candidates for the presidency of the FFV Sailing propose