Plastimo, massive hiring in 2017

Manufacture of Plastimo vests

A major order will enable Plastimo to recruit 60 people in 2017. Good news for the equipment manufacturer who is perpetuating its Lorient plant.

A big military market

Plastimo has just placed an order for 240,000 bulletproof vest pockets with the NFM Group, the world leader in military ballistic protection. This equipment is intended for the French army. Although Plastimo is best known for its products for pleasure boaters, the company from Lorient regularly serves professional and military markets

Recruitment and sustainability of the plant

In order to answer this big order, Plastimo will hire 60 people in sewing. They will strengthen, at least until March 2018, the team of 107 employees at the Lorient-La Base plant. A recruitment process is launched in collaboration with Audélor, the Lorient development agency.

Beyond the contract, Plastimo hopes to keep the momentum and perpetuate the activity on the Morbihan site. Yann Cornec, Plastimo's General Manager, is delighted with this development"The management team is already at work to secure the following potential orders and thus secure the workload and jobs at the Lorient-La Base plant

Recognition of know-how

It is the expertise acquired by Plastimo in yachting that is recognised in this military market. The company's industrial knowledge in the sewing and welding of coated fabrics, of which life rafts and life jackets are emblematic examples, are at the origin of the contract. Pleasure and professional markets enrich each other, with quality as a common point, explains Yann Cornec. "The standards imposed by the military organizations are draconian, and satisfying their specifications confirms us in the rigorous processes that we apply in our ISO 9001 certified factory. In fact, with this big order, only the product is exotic for us, not the level of requirement nor the quality criteria."

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