Wheelers and tractors, a B permit is sufficient

Quicklev trailer from Nautipark behind an agricultural tractor

The Macron law puts an end to the legal vagueness on the use of wheeled bers coupled to an agricultural tractor. Questioned by Nautipark and the Fédération des Industries Nautiques, the administration clarified its position.

The B permit is sufficient for agricultural tractors

Article 27 of Act 2015-990 of 6 August 2015, otherwise known as the Macron Act, amends the Highway Code. It authorizes any holder of a B licence, to drive, on the road, agricultural tractors whose speed does not exceed 40 kilometres per hour. The article also includes all vehicles that can be assimilated to it.

The new text cancels the third and penultimate paragraphs of article L. 221-2, paragraph I, of the Highway Code and replaces them with the following paragraph:"Persons holding a driving licence provided for vehicles with a total authorised laden weight of less than 3.5 tonnes assigned to the carriage of persons and comprising, in addition to the driver's seat, not more than eight seats or assigned to the carriage of goods, may drive all agricultural or forestry vehicles and appliances whose speed does not exceed 40 kilometres per hour, as well as vehicles which may be assimilated thereto. "

Accuracy for rolling bars

Nautipark, a specialist in rolling stock, contacted us and explained that he had asked the Fédération des Industries Nautiques to clarify with the Direction de la sécurité routière the application of this provision to the rolling stock it markets. The Administration has confirmed the application of the new provision for these launching and exit devices of the travelling berry type. It states its reply in an e-mail:'I confirm that, pursuant to Article L. 221-2 of the Highway Code, the agricultural tractor units presented, coupled with a BER, whatever the weight or length of the BER, may be driven with the category B licence on public roads as long as they do not exceed 40km/h'

A comprehensive regulatory framework

This clarification concerning driving licences is in line with the approach initiated by the FIN and the marine handling equipment professionals with the authorities in 2000. They had then defined numerous criteria for the use of rolling stock. The maximum distance travelled with the riverbank is 10 km.

For Vincent Harnois, from Nautipark,"This is a step in the right direction, towards existing facilities for farmers. It also clarifies the legal framework for our clients."

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