Boats for sale in Brittany, more than new and less used boats

The publication of nautical indicators in Brittany 2016 takes stock of transactions in the 2nd largest French nautical market. Between the rise of the new and the fall of the occasion, profile of the purchasers.

2nd French region

A quarter of all boat transactions in France take place in Brittany, which makes it the second region after PACA. The global evolution is in phase with the hexagonal average with a decrease of -1.5% for 17121 boats sold in 2016, against 16866 in 2015.

More than new, less opportunity

The new boat market grew by +3% with 1952 sales. The second-hand market fell by -2% with 15169 transactions, but still represents the majority of transactions with 89% of the total activity. The future will tell if this trend continues in a market that has been growing for several years.

Older boats and older customers

The actors of boats are mainly young or senior, whether new or used. If the ageing of buyers consolidates, we can be pleased with a slight upturn in the market for those under 40.

More boats over 40 years old (2113 units) sold in 2016 than new boats (1952 units).

French boats

The majority of the boats sold are manufactured in France, representing 75% of the sailboat registrations and 47% of those of motor boats.

Fewer multihulls

Contrary to what we see at trade shows, where their place is increasing, multihull sales are down, whether used or new, respectively -17% and -7%.

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