Out of Use Boats, Make deconstruction and insertion rhyme

Discarded pleasure boat - BPHU

The Cré'actif integration workshop in Boulogne-sur-Mer wants to offer dismantling yards for disused pleasure boats. A new path for an essential sector in the future of boating, which combines ecology and social economy...

Volunteer Communities

The communities of the Opal Coast have been working for several years on the problem of Out of Use Pleasure Boats or BPHU. They had already mandated the EcoNav network to carry out an inventory of the ports between Dunkerque and Boulogne sur Mer. After the observation, the elected representatives wished to find a solution to get rid of these cumbersome wrecks, soliciting professionals of the depollution, associations and local actors. While the economic actors were not interested by a low volume, hardly profitable, it is the association Atelier Cré'Actif which set up with the institutions an original solution.


Atelier Cré'Actif is an integration association, based in Boulogne sur Mer. It organises school sites to ensure the integration of the people for whom it is responsible. Its objective on this project is to deconstruct pleasure boats with teams of 8 people in integration, supported by a supervisor.

Financing and logistics to be completed

Financed in part by public funds from local authorities and the State, via the DIRECCTE for integration missions, the Atelier Cré'Actif is looking for other support. Private financiers and logistical support would be welcome. The association works with the CCI Haut de France to find a dismantling site and the means to transport the BPHU.

Long-term prospects

With the new law on deconstruction scheduled for 2018, the needs of operators will be numerous. The example of Boulogne sur Mer could therefore interest other coastal marinas. Some rehabilitation structures have already contacted Cré'Actif to find out more.

On the side of the association boulonnaise, if there are about fifteen boats to deconstruct in the near future, the activity should not ensure a large annual volume. Cré'Actif remains a local player. However, as Loïc Chauva points out, this initiative opens the association to new professions. It thus plans to offer boat maintenance services to yachtsmen, in the context of the development of the Boulogne sur Mer marina projects.

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