Interview / Easy To Fly, Already 4 hydrofoil catamarans sold

The hydrofoil catamaran Easy To Fly

In a few months, the Easy To Fly catamaran has already attracted several customers. Luc Talbourdet, Managing Director of Absolute Dreamer, comes back with us on these first months of commercialization.

Launch in September and already several boats sold, what is your feeling about the beginnings of the catamaran Easy To Fly?

We are obviously very satisfied. While the marketing of our hydrofoil catamaran began at the Grand Pavois 2016, only 4 months ago, we have already sold 4 boats. That's enough to keep you confident.

Who is the clientele affected to date and what are your targets?

The first four boats were sold to private individuals. They are 3 Swiss boaters and one British. We target two markets, that of enthusiasts of fast sailing and that of professionals. It is logical that the latter wait until a small fleet is formed before investing. They will then benefit from the attraction of an installed regatta circuit. However, we already have contacts with some teams.

Are you working directly on the creation of a regatta circuit for the Easy To Fly?

We are obviously interested in it. Initially, our catamarans will participate in existing events. The objective is to bring together the owners of our yachts on the water. The Swiss being the first buyers, the Bol d'Or will surely be the first meeting with 5 Easy To Fly on the starting line. We will then see with the development of the class.

It's still an atypical boat, how are the sales going?

As is often the case when launching an innovative boat that stands out from the crowd, it is by sailing that the customer is seduced. After the Grand Pavois, we carried out tests in Switzerland. They immediately resulted in three boats sold. I am confident that the tests at La Grande Motte in February with the Nautic prospects will also be conclusive. They're already full with about 15 people expected. Further tests in Lorient will complete the schedule.

Have there been any changes since the presentation of Easy To Fly in September 2016?

The boat continued to sail and we were able to finish optimising the deck layout. At the request of Swiss customers, we have also extended the bowsprit by 60 cm to add a large gennaker for use on lakes. As usual, we tested and validated it before talking about it, that's why you haven't seen any pictures yet.

On the production side, how are you organized? What are the objectives?

The fourth pair of hulls is being manufactured at JPS in La Trinité, which is our partner for the entire composite part of the project. Its know-how in light and technical boats completes our skills in equipment, fittings and tuning, acquired through offshore racing.

The production is launched and our objective is one boat per month, with 10 to 15 catamarans per year. I am confident that with the arrival of good weather and sea trials, we should quickly reach this pace in 2017. As you can see, we are well within our objectives.

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