Leisure Furl furling booms want to conquer France.

Leisure Furl furling boom

Nautex International is the new Leisure Furl representative for France. The ambitions are great for the New Zealand furling boom in the hexagon.

Nautex International, new representative

Leisure Furl has been the reference for furling booms for more than 20 years and has not had an active representative in France for several years. Faced with difficulties with Romar Marine, licensed for the production of booms in Europe, Leisure Furl asked Forespar, licensed American, to develop the activity on the old continent. Nautex International, which is already the representative of the latter for the pole ends, has naturally been entrusted with this mission. Nautex International is the new exclusive representative of Leisure Furl for France and Europe.

The new yacht as the first objective

The increase in the average size of sailboats, coupled with a relative ageing of the age of boaters, is creating a significant demand for furling booms. On monohulls over 50 feet and large catamarans, this comfort solution is becoming a requirement for many customers. Nautex International therefore wishes to offer Leisure Furl products to French shipyards, so that they can be included in the options catalogue, as is already the case in competing yards.

Florian Foglietti, Managing Director of Nautex International, said:"There is a real interest from shipyards in this original equipment activity. It will accompany the development of the top-of-the-range production sailboat in France."

Refit of large units

The returns of the Nautic, on which Nautex International presented a Leisure Furl boom demonstrator, confirm Florian Foglietti's predictions. The large budget of a furling boom limits opportunities in aftermarket. The envelope of around 35 € k? on a 60 foot is possible for the yachtsman, but becomes excessive for a 38 foot, at 15 € k?. Visitors to the Paris Motor Show testify to this.

For the refit of large units, Nautex will work with professional riggers, specialized in these operations. The activity will complement the original equipment.

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