Catana Group, encouraging results in the 2nd half

Catamaran Catana C 70

Catamaran specialist Catana Group presented mixed results for 2015-2016. The order book, the increase in new yacht sales and the good trend in the second half nevertheless augur well for a good 2016-2017 financial year.

Strong increase in the 2nd half

The Catana group's turnover increased sharply in the second half of 2015-2016, from 10,7 M € to 23,1 M € . Although operating income of -3 M € and net income of -3,3 M € remained negative for the full year, Catana indicates that this is the impact of the implementation of the industrial process linked to the incorporation of the Bali range. Changes in the learning curve and exposure costs led to a marked improvement in results in the second quarter.

New boats as the heart of activity

The results of the Catana group in 2015-2016 reflect the company's desire to refocus on the production of new boats. Driven by the expansion of the customer base with the creation of the Bali series range of catamarans, the sale of sailing boats and motor catamarans now represents 75% of the activity of the Boat division. It accounted for only 45% in the previous year. Its growth is close to 50%, for 21 M € of turnover.

The Services and Used Boats activities each generated 5.6 million in revenue. As expected, brokerage for banks fell sharply to

Optimism for 2016-2017

In 2017, the Catana group will continue its strategy of refocusing on new boats. The management's objective is to maintain business growth by continuing to optimize the industrial organization. The control of industrial margins, which led to improved results in the second half of 2015-2016, must continue.

The arrival of the Catana 53 and the first year of Bali 4.0 should boost sales of new yachts. The order book of 25 million for the end of the first half of the coming year, higher than that for the whole of the last financial year, augurs well for a good year.

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