Boat attacks river cruise in Canada

Horizon de Le Boat Barge

European leader in river rental, Le Boat is setting out to conquer the overseas market. A major multi-million investment for a promising North American market.

A base of 32 boats

For its first barge rental base in North America, Le Boat is thinking big. The company will set up in 2018 on the Rideau Canal in the Canadian state of Ontario with a fleet of 16 boats. The number of barges is expected to increase rapidly with a target of 32 boats within 5 years.

The Boat plans to invest CA$16 million ('11.5 million) in its new base, through infrastructure and specific boats.

A showcase for the Horizon range

The American taste for premium boats makes the base on the other side of the Atlantic the ideal showcase for the Horizon range. Le Boat's latest addition offers the large cabins and comfort expected by cruise passengers. Boats will be specially adapted to the watercourse, with a limit of 10 km/h.

A classified site

The Rideau Canal site in Ontario is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Opened in 1832, it is now the oldest canal still in operation in North America and should therefore attract river cruise enthusiasts.

An international clientele

North Americans are extremely fond of canal cruises. Canadians and Americans already represent a significant portion of Le Boat's European customers. According to a study by the river rental company, 91% of the customers surveyed would be willing to travel to Ontario to travel on the Rideau Canal. Among European customers, 88% of respondents would be willing to make the trip. This augurs well for Le Boat eu Canada.

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