30th boat for Neel Trimarans

Neel Trimarans

Neel Trimarans has never had such visibility with orders coming in, new hires. Something to think about the future with serenity.

10 orders in progress

Neel Trimarans delivered its 20th boat in October 2016. At the dawn of the Nautic 2016, the yard announced its 31st order. The 10 boats to be built give it a visibility of more than a year, never before reached by the yard.

The order book is 160% higher than the annual turnover announced in autumn 2016, a situation that is likely to reassure investors.

11 new employees

Neel Trimarans has strengthened its teams in response to an increasing workload. 11 people were recruited to build the yachts. Among them, an engineer, specialized in the implementation of composites, is in charge of the production management. Its know-how is proving invaluable for the challenge, already mentioned in these columns, of making a one-shot infusion of the hull of the new Neel 51.

Pushing the quality approach

Neel Trimarans is reinforcing its quality control in order to ensure that the yachts are well finished despite the increase in production. The Neel 51 is due out every two months in the coming year. The entire process is part of a longer-term ISO 9001 certification process.

Expansion Projects

With the order book growing, Neel Trimarans has to think about the future. The company has land reserves on the La Rochelle median and plans, if development continues as at present, to extend its workshops within 2 to 3 years.

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