U Fanale wants to launch the 1st Corsican semi-rigid shipyard

New semi-rigid Fanale Marine from U Fanale

U Fanale launches its brand of Corsican motor boats. Objective: a boat designed for Corsica, manufactured on the island, to develop the nautical industry there.

Boats designed for the Isle of Beauty

U Fanale has been licensing, distributing and renting boats in Corsica since 2007. Knowing all the specificities of sailing in the Mediterranean, Pierre-André Paoli, manager of the company, has been looking since then for the boat adapted to the waters of the Ile de Beauté. Not always satisfied by the existing, he decided to launch his own brand of semi-rigid U Fanale.

Developed in collaboration with an Italian shipyard, the new Fanale Marine range will offer on these proven hulls deck plans designed for Corsican waters. 5 models have been designed to date between 5.60 m and 8.20 m.

Objective: to produce in Corsica

If for the moment only the brand and marketing are Corsican, Pierre-André Paoli's objective is to relocate the entire construction on the island. The first models are built by the Italian partner in his yard. In a second stage, the assembly of the boats should quickly take place in Corsica. Finally, in the medium term, Mr. Paoli wishes to fully produce the boats on the Island of Beauty.

Develop local nautical construction

Investment in Corsica's nautical sector has always been downstream of the sector, by developing rental and port reception services. U Fanale wishes to give a dynamic to the upstream of the nautical sector, in the image of what exists in Sicily. It is therefore in discussion with the Corsican Development Agency so that it can support it in this approach.

A network in Corsica and on the continent

If the brand is Corsican, it does not only target the island market. French distributor of the Kardis brand for several years, U Fanale relies on its historical resellers to develop a network for its own models. New dealers are already negotiating.