New boat lift for La Rochelle

New boat lift at the Port des Minimes in La Rochelle

The marina of La Rochelle renews its means of handling. An essential investment to guarantee the quality of service to Minimes.

Capacity increase

The old 10 T mobile elevator of the Minimes median had become too old. The harbour master's office of the port of La Rochelle has therefore decided to replace it with a new MPI/WISE elevator with a capacity of 15 T. Due to its higher load capacity, this new model from the British manufacturer will also increase the number of boats supported by the small lift. As a reminder, the Minimes median is also equipped with a 50 T gantry crane for larger units.

The old gantry should be put up for sale once the new equipment is fully operational.

Equity investment

The new equipment represents an investment of 175,000 euros excluding VAT, financed entirely by the La Rochelle marina. Respecting the template of the existing water outlet area, it does not require any additional specific development work. This purchase is part of the overall policy of equipment renewal initiated by the port.

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