The Vendée Globe announces record media coverage.

Pontoons before the start of the Vendée Globe

Visitors, viewers, social networks... The Vendée Globe is filling up all the media and announcing record figures. Something to motivate sponsors...

As we have mentioned in a series of articles, the motivations of sponsors to get involved in an IMOCA project for the Vendée Globe are varied. Technical development for some, internal communication or federation of franchisees for others, gaining notoriety with the general public remains a major issue. The figures announced by the Vendée Globe organisation over these first days of racing should confirm their choice.

1.5 million visitors to the Vendée Globe Village

As Thierry Grimonprez, Communications Director of Bureau Vallée, told us, 80% of the media coverage of the Vendée Globe takes place before the start and in the first 15 days of the race. With 1.5 million visitors to the Vendée Globe Official Village, the first part of the work is done. The increase is 15% compared to the 2012/2013 Vendée Globe.

It is also an important contribution for the local economy to tourism and hotel activity, an important argument for any race organisation.

10 million viewers

The start of the Vendée Globe was broadcast live on 24 television channels around the world. 10 million French people were behind their small screens, representing a market share of over 60% for a Sunday lunchtime.

600,000 Internet users followed the start on the official Vendée Globe and Dailymotion Web TV, as well as on 50 websites. This is a 50% increase over the previous edition.

More and more social networks

Since 2012, social media has continued to develop. No surprise then to note a 100% increase in fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, reaching 200,000 people on one and 45,500 on the other. The Instagram of the Vendée Globe has 15400 subscribers in less than 4 months of existence.

The LIVE video of the start was seen by 1.3 million Facebook subscribers, when all the videos after 11 days of racing exceeded 6.6 million views.

Back Press

11 days after the start, the Vendée Globe organisation already had 12,794 media coverage. Kantar Media announces the figure of 2400.4 UBM (Unité de bruit médiatique) accumulated in France since 15 September 2016, up 49% compared to the same period in 2012.

If the start of the race without breakage has perhaps limited the echo of the race in recent days, there is no doubt that the media coverage will continue until the arrival of the skippers in early 2017.

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