Vendée Globe, le Souffle du Nord, a patronage in solidarity.

Apart from classic sponsorship, the association Le Souffle du Nord supports Thomas Ruyant for the Vendée Globe. Explanations on a financing model more social than economic.

Project Imagine, a committed NGO

First image visible on Thomas Ruyant's IMOCA, the giant hummingbird is the symbol of the NGO Projet Imagine. Founded by journalist Frédérique Bedos, it produces video reports to promote the solidarity and constructive initiatives of the anonymous"heroes" of daily life. They are in the image of the hummingbird, the only bird that according to legend tirelessly brings a little water with its beak to extinguish fires instead of fleeing...

North Breath, the northern anchor

The association Souffle du Nord was created to promote solidarity actions in the North, in all fields. Seduced by the Imagine project and by Thomas Ruyant's project in his non-stop race around the world, she decided to support two actions in one. Thus was born,"Le Souffle du Nord pour le Projet Imagine", the full name of the northern skipper's challenge on the Vendée Globe.

1200 anonymous patrons

Atypical among the Vendée Globe teams, Le Souffle du Nord bears no marks. Indeed, more than 100 €0 individuals and 165 corporate sponsors, as well as institutions, have decided to support Thomas Ruyant's project, without benefiting in return from any outside visibility. The sole objective is the promotion of human engagement in society.

No entrance ticket is required from patrons. A company of two people was able to contribute 50 € while larger structures contribute more than 100 € k?.

A budget including all taxes..

Although the Souffle du Nord team benefits from numerous technical partnerships, by valuing these at the purchase price, it estimates that it has raised a budget of around ?2.5 million including tax in two years. Compared to the large stables, it is important to note that the budget here is inclusive of tax and not exclusive of tax... This represents 95% of that of the association Le Souffle du Nord.

Innovative communication

With a limited budget, Le Souffle du Nord relies on its supporters and social networks to broadcast images such as the video at the end of the article.

3 pillars to build after the Vendée Globe

The project is based on 3 axes:

  • sports by conveying emotions to the public
  • solidarity by promoting commitment
  • regional by highlighting the north of France

If the Vendée Globe is a springboard for the association, the objective is to enable the creation of a base of loyal patrons to set up other actions in the future. Le Souffle du Nord intends to continue to carry out social actions in the North after the race and promote civic and solidarity commitment, thanks to its many supporters.

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