Nodus Factory combines high-tech water sports and integration of the disabled

Yves Laurant explains the assembly of Nodus Factory products

Nodus Factory, specialist in textile fittings, is not content to innovate. The company is also socially committed by employing people with disabilities. Proof that high-tech and disability are not mutually exclusive.

A personal commitment

Yves Laurant, founder of Nodus Factory, has been involved for years as a volunteer in helping people with disabilities. Working for years as an engineer on fastening systems of all kinds, it is already the difficulty of gripping a carabiner for these audiences that inspired him in the development of Nodus Factory's T-bones. It was therefore natural for Yves Laurant to involve people with disabilities in the manufacture of its products.

Development of specific tools

Nodus Factory quickly contacted the White Butterflies CCAT in Auray. They then developed specific tools so that CCAT employees with disabilities could splice Nodus Factory products. Today, 80% of the work takes place in the CCATs, with Nodus Factory doing the finishing to allow control and homogeneity of production.

Template for Nodus Factory T-Close loops

Tools adapted for CCATs

A rewarding job

While the work proposed in the CCATs is generally repetitive and not very technical, Nodus Factory offers the opportunity for more rewarding work, while putting in place the necessary tools. Each operator is trained for all the products in the range, allowing him to vary his activities. For Yves Laurant,"The patience of people with disabilities is a useful quality in our jobs. "

Nodus Factory Training Session

A partnership that will grow

While the activity of Nodus Factory tends to develop, the agreements with the CCATs of the region multiply. Caudan and Pontivy are ready to join Auray.

Nodus Factory also develops tools to enable its operators to produce plastic parts for its equipment.

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