Interview / The Grand Pavois is not limited to a trade show in 2017

Aerial view of the Grand Pavois

Alain Pochon reports with BoatIndustry on the financing and development projects for the show and the Grand Pavois association.

BoatIndustry : What positive or negative developments have you seen following the creation of the new New Aquitaine region? Will there be any consequences on the governance of the show?

Alain Pochon : Leaving a 40-year-old relationship of trust with the former Poitou-Charentes region to work with a new president we did not know, we were obviously a little afraid at first. No official work has yet taken place with the new New Aquitaine region, but informal exchanges with President Alain Rousset are positive. The relationship is only waiting to develop, the region having announced its will to support the nautical sector.

BI : In the broader sense, in the context of institutional budgetary restriction, what about partnership policy? Have you evolved in your financing, with new partners? What is the income distribution of the Grand Pavois?

AP : Institutional support is maintained, mainly by the New Aquitaine Region and the Charente-Maritime department. Nevertheless, it still represents only a small part of the revenues of the Grand Pavois association. The funding structure remains fairly stable. Today the resources of the Grand Pavois can be estimated as follows:

  • Exhibitor (Booth rental) : 80 %
  • Ticketing: 12%
  • Institutional partnership : 8%

BI : What about the export policy of the Grand Pavois concept abroad, notably in Brazil?

AP : The principle is still valid. The countries targeted in recent years are facing economic and political crises that are holding back the growth of the sector and therefore the interest for the projects to be exposed. We therefore remain attentive but have postponed our short-term actions to other projects.

We are particularly interested in the development of trade shows in France. The extension of the public service delegation for the La Ciotat boat show, Les Nauticales, for a period of 5 years, enables us to make progress in its development.

By diversifying this type of activity, we can use our employees more efficiently and reduce the weight of our operating costs on each event.

New projects should be revealed soon.

BI : To conclude, what are the objectives of the Grand Pavois for the 2016 edition?

AP : The number one objective is to balance the association's accounts, which is quite difficult this year.

Beyond the still confidential projects that we have just mentioned, the rally of the Islands of the Sun, organized for 2017 occupies us strongly and should mark the year.

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