Interview / Alain Pochon :"Le grand Pavois, un salon où l'on signe des ventes" (The great Pavois, a show where sales are signed)

Alain Pochon, President of the Grand Pavois

Alain Pochon, President of the Grand Pavois, explains his commercial positioning, his international policy and the show's advantages for exhibitors.

BoatIndustry : What is the strategy and positioning of the Grand Pavois in relation to other French and European shows?

Alain Pochon : The Grand Pavois stands out mainly for its entertainment. This is not just a boat show. Among these activities, we can note those of the Fishing stand with its Fishing contest and the presence of starred chefs, the baptisms of navigation on the slide and light sailing area of the Minimes beach.

We seek to develop our proximity with the practitioner - user. It is a show of discovery and not only buyers. This policy will rejuvenate the boating clientele.

In terms of size, the configuration and the Atlantic clientele lead us to target boats from 6.5 to 12 meters which represent 70% of the units exhibited, when Cannes gathers larger units, with many motoryachts.

BI : How does your associative structure independent of the Federation of Nautical Industries influence your activity?

AP : Although we are not directly dependent on FIN, the Grand Pavois takes place under its patronage and our relations are good. We also have an agreement with her for the Passeport groupé d'accès aux salons.

BI : What policy are you putting in place to attract international construction sites?

AP: We do not have a commercial policy specifically dedicated to foreign shipyards. They benefit from the same loyalty offers as other customers, such as the third boat on display offered for new exhibitors returning the following year.

The exhibition generally has to cope with a turnover of 20% of exhibitors. In order to maintain the offer to visitors, we must therefore constantly renew our clientele. To this end, we have a voluntary policy of finding new exhibitors at other exhibitions, in France and abroad.

BI : Do we know the share of foreign visitors? Is there a specific policy in their direction?

AP : Opening the show to foreign visitors is obviously interesting for the Grand Pavois. It is difficult to estimate international attendance, as it varies greatly from year to year. When the show is late like this year, the limited offer of off-season transport for La Rochelle penalizes us. Thus, the very successful work carried out towards Switzerland last year cannot be repeated this year, the La Rochelle - Geneva air link being already suspended for the winter.

BI : The Grand Pavois has the image of a show where you buy, more than a curiosity show like other events. Do you have any figures that confirm that feeling?

AP : Indeed, since its creation, the Grand Pavois has always been a sales show and not only a contact show. According to my experience with Pochon and the feedback from the building sites, they make between 10 and 15% of their annual turnover at the show. This characteristic makes the Grand Pavois an interesting investment for boating professionals, with a good value for money, characterized by a high ratio of sales / stand price.

The services also, as the renters take many reservations during the show.

Report : Grand Pavois

The Grand Pavois is not limited to a trade show in 2017