Garmin - Navico procedure, sonar import ban maintained

Garmin sonar with Down V technology

Garmin's appeal against the import ban on its Down V sonars into the US was rejected by the US authorities. The procedure between the two giants continues against a background of patent contestation.

Highly contested Garmin sonars

On December 1, 2015, the ITC (International Trade Commission) ruled that Garmin's Down V sonars infringed Navico's patent on its DownScan imaging technology. This was the second adverse judgment in a month for Garmin, convicted of violating a Humminbird patent on his sonars. If a license agreement has resolved the dispute between Garmin and Humminbird, the disagreement with Navico is in no way resolved almost a year later and the import of Garmin sonars is prohibited.

Suspension denied

While Garmin has appealed the judgment, the company has requested the suspension of the ban on entry of Down V sonars into the United States, pending final judgment by a federal court. The ITC requested that the suspension be denied.

Attempt to import in spare parts

Garmin has since sought to circumvent the ban by importing unassembled components separately, and then selling them together, in a single package, into the United States. If Navico disputes the method, Garmin considers it consistent with the judgment. Each company claims that the ITC agrees with them.

Date of judgment unknown

A federal court will have to decide the case definitively. No date has yet been set.