Groupe Bénéteau, structuring and program investments.

Bénéteau Group Headquarters

Hervé Gastinel, President of Groupe Bénéteau, presented results and projects at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Investments, reorganization of brands and teams, synergies are on the agenda to maintain growth in 2017.

New heads and new positions

During his press conference, Hervé Gastinel announced the creation of new positions and the recruitment of experienced people to accompany the group's international growth.

George Armendariz, who was vice-president of competitor Brunswick Marine Europe, joined the Bénéteau group to head for the Americas. This new position will coordinate all activities in North and South America.

Two managers will soon be recruited to take over the Industry and Product Development divisions. A group quality manager will also be appointed.

Mirna Cieniewicz, former Secretary General of the European Boating Industry, is the new Head of Communications and Public Relations, particularly in charge of Digital Policy.

Cross-cutting strategies

For Mr Gastinel,"we need to create a group dynamic, in parallel with the spirit of the brands". To this end, six cross-functional committees have been launched, the results of which will benefit all companies.

  • Digital transition
  • International
  • Product Roadmap
  • Innovation
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and profitability

The pooling of skills should enable an increase in the rate of new products, with 32 new models within the group in 2016/17.

Reorganization of brands

Following the acquisition of Rec Boat Holdings, Bénéteau Group decided to distribute its new American brands. 4 Winns and Scarab come under Bénéteau's authority while Glastron and Wellcraft are managed by Jeanneau.

Investments and growth

The Bénéteau Group estimates for 2017 a growth of 3 to 4% in new boat sales, driven by multihulls and small motor units. The rental market should grow by 10%.

The investment will be ?90 million, up 17%, half of which will be dedicated to product development.

Work on opportunity and new forms of purchase, other than full ownership, will be conducted to continue reaching new audiences.

To conclude, Hervé Gastinel reaffirmed the group's determination to remain a leader in the sector, both in sailing and in the engine, without it being used, in his opinion, to constantly repeat it...

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