Exclusive / Alliance Marine, the new owner of the heavy lorry for the fittings.

Plastimo Vest Manufacturing - Alliance Marine Group

The investor Weinberg Capital Partners has acquired exclusive control of the Alliance Marine group, a major player in nautical equipment. A new stage in a rich history.

Validation by the competition authority

In its decision of August 24, 2016, the French Competition Authority authorized the acquisition of sole control of the Alliance Marine group by Weinberg Capital Partners. It thus validates the draft sales contract drawn up between the two entities on 24 June 2016

15 years of concentration

Created on the basis of the Vidal Diffusion Marine distributor, the Alliance Marine group has become in 15 years the French leader in the nautical equipment sector. It is involved both in the direct distribution and sale of equipment to boaters and in the field of equipment and technical solutions for shipyards and boating professionals.

The importance of the group was built up as the takeovers went on, like that of Navimo - Plastimo in 2012.

8 companies - 500 Brands

Each company of the group is specialized by trade and covers the whole hexagonal territory. Alliance Marine now employs 300 people spread over 8 companies, mainly located in Brittany and in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.

They distribute more than 500 major brands, such as 4W For Water, Euromarine, Plastimo, C'Pro Line or Dolphin.

The companies are grouped into two geographical divisions:

  • South East Pole :
    • Vidal Diffusion Marine
    • Reya
    • Euromarine
    • Intermer (Accastillage Diffusion)
  • North West Pole :
    • Seimi
    • Berthelot
    • Plastimo