Tava'é, how to recycle an old project...

Announced as present at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Tava'é is the revival of Martin Defline's plan launched in 2010. This 53 foot monohull which plays the performance card with 2 pendulum keels to manage the list.

Announced for the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival, the Tava'é pushes innovation very far: a 53-foot pendulum keel.


Sailboats looking to innovate are rare. But on closer inspection, the Tava'é reminds us of Martin Defline's drawings which in the 90s tried to launch some models with 2 pendulum pins (a system called 2QP). We could see the Defline 19 and much bigger the Imagine 53 (launched in 2010). A boat that resembles in many ways the Tava'é that we are presenting today, notably with its keel system controlled on the hydraulic jacks to automatically manage the sailboat's list.

Imagine 53, le plan de Martin Defline
Imagine 53, Martin Defline's plan

We contacted Martin Defline, the architect of Imagine 53 who gives us his version of the facts:"Following the presentation of Imagine 53 at the Grand-Pavois in 2010, after 4 years of work, the boat was badly scuffed during a water outlet and was damaged when it fell on the quay. The trial begins and the story ends for this boat. Today, it seems that the promoters of the Tava'é project are the same team as the Imagine one, but they didn't call on me... What is certain is that this boat comes from my design and that only the deckhouse and the deck plan have been modified." And to conclude with: "It's for reasons like this that I left the yachting business. We refuse to pay you for your work."

Imagine 53 au Grand-Pavois 2010
Imagine 53 exhibited at Grand-Pavois 2010

We tried to contact the manufacturer of the Tava'é who did not respond to our requests. Yet the boat is announced for Cannes 2016. Info or intox?

The Tava'é is a fast cruising sailboat built in aluminium for the hull and carbon for the superstructures. Rigidity and low weight are the key words of these atypical choices.

On the appendages side, this sailboat will be a double keel but with pendulum keels. This choice is explained by the desire to reduce wet surfaces and increase righting torque without loading ballasts. The keel management is automated with a hydraulic control unit to act on the cylinders. At anchor, the 2 keels raised on each side limit the draught to 1.10 m (but not the master keel...).


Always with performance in mind, the boat will be powered by 2 electric pods that will retract into the hull during sailing under sails. These pods will be powered by solar panels, but mainly by a generator. This engine allows the weights to be centred at the mast foot (group, batteries, diesel) and not at the stern as on a sailboat powered by a traditional diesel.

No innovation on the rigging side even if it will be carbon. As the keels will be controlled by a hydraulic power unit, the winches will also be controlled to automate the sail manoeuvres.

Even if it wants to be light to stay performing, the Tava'é will not forget the comfort inside with beautiful cabins and numerous panels giving lighting and view to the outside.

The cockpit will be separated into two distinct spaces: at the rear the 2 wheel steering, the 4 hydraulic winches and all the manoeuvres. At the front a relaxation area protected by a transparent plexi dog cover to leave all visibility to the front.


Hull length: 16.32 m
Overall length: 17.63 m
Waterline length: 15.10m
Max width: 5.10 m
Pendulum keels: 2
Lest: 2500kg
Draught: 1.10 m / 2.90 m
Light weight: 10 t
Upwind sail area: 180 m²
Motorization: HYBRIDE
Power generation: 12v 24v 220v 400v
Water tank capacity: 300 l
Gas oil tank capacity: 250l
2 retractable electric weights, three-bladed propellers

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