The J70, new support for Team Winds La Rochelle


The rental company Team Winds, a specialist in corporate racing, is diversifying its fleet in La Rochelle with J70s. Objective: new audiences, new events...

A sportier and cheaper boat

Team Winds, a company specialized in the organization of corporate regattas and the rental of boats for large events was created in 1991. To date, its fleet has consisted mainly of 60 Grand Surprise, spread over its 4 bases at La Trinité-sur-mer, La Rochelle, Lisbon and Marseille.

Wishing to answer the evolution of the requests, Team Winds joins J Composites to propose J70 in La Rochelle. Small sports sailboat of 7 m, the boat answers the expectations of customers wishing a more dynamic and less expensive support. It reaches a young and also female audience.

New generation regatta

The J70 also fits in well with the evolution of regatta practice. It allows shorter race formats, of about fifteen minutes, like the stages of the Sailing Champions League, a dynamic event in which Team Winds wishes to participate through its partnership with the Société des Régates Rochelaises (SRR).

The J70 will also allow Team Winds to develop Match - Race events.


The new yachts are easily transportable by road. This will allow Team Winds to easily transfer them from one of its bases to another, or to locations chosen by its customers.

Fleet Renewal

The fleet being for the moment essentially composed of Archambault sailing boats, we can also imagine that it is necessary for Team Winds to open up to new manufacturers, following the difficulties of the shipyard in Poitou.

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