With the Evolution R4, Raymarine continues to optimize its automatic pilots.

Raymarine Evolution autopilot

Raymarine announces the launch of the latest version of its Evolution autopilots. Better consideration of the sea, waypoint function, calibration... Development continues.

Raymarine Evolution

Suitable for sailboats and motorboats, Raymarine Evolution autopilots get their performance from the 9-axis"EV sensor". It allows the three-dimensional movements of the boat to be integrated for precise trajectory and easy calibration.

A softer control

Thanks to the work on the Evolution system algorithms, FLIR-Raymarine says that the new R4 version of the pilot has a softer and more precise control, both in wind mode and compass mode.

Evolution TrackIQ

The TrackIQ system allows the autopilot to join a GPS waypoint. The new algorithms allow to limit to almost zero the deviation up to the point, taking into account all the parameters of ground speed, speed on water, etc... The boat thus remains on the route indicated and drawn on the Raymarine multifunction screen.

No calibration

Installation is made easier, according to the manufacturer, with the absence of complex start-up and calibration procedures.

Wind mode improvement

The wind mode of the R4 version allows the autopilot to operate in higher wind ranges. In addition, wind angle measurement accuracy has been increased for better heading accuracy.

Downloadable online

The new version of the software is available on Raymarine's website. It allows the update for the boats already equipped with a pilot of the Evolution range.