Land Rover - BAR Team is committed to sustainable development

Land Rover will present its environmental protection approach at the next conference on sustainable development in boating in Amsterdam in November. Also visible online.

Sustainability in Marine Industry Conference

After the success of the first edition in 2015, dedicated to the recycling of pleasure boats, Quaynote communications, Yacht Media and the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) have decided to renew their conference dedicated to environmental issues in boating. It will be held again in Amsterdam on the Monday before the METS trade fair and will extend its theme to sustainable development over the entire life cycle of ships and the integration of the profession into the circular economy. Interested persons unable to attend the event will be able to participate via an online application set up by Quaynote.

Land Rover's sustainable development program - BAR Team

Susie Thomson is a specialist in environmental diagnostics. His company Earth to Ocean is involved in numerous organizations such as the preparation of the London Olympics. She is now attached to the America's Land Rover Cup Team - BAR.

It works with its members to develop a model to estimate the environmental and financial costs and benefits of different building materials at each stage of their life cycle. The America's Cup catamarans are made of carbon fibre and the life cycle study is being conducted simultaneously with a project to recycle the fibres separated from the resin for reuse. The objective is a cleaner and more energy-efficient composite recycling process than existing methods.

Susie Thomson will present in Amsterdam the progress of the project and the reflections underway within the team.