Cannes 2016 Boat & Yacht Show, the novelties

The organization of the Festival de la plaisance presented the novelties of the 2016 edition: new spaces, anniversary...

A top-of-the-range positioning claimed

The Cannes Boat Show confirms its positioning in the luxury boating sector. It affirms this and confirms it by the creation of a new space, the Terrace which will group together in a structure on stilts, facing the sea, luxury houses: automobile, watchmaking, jewellery, tableware, leather goods, design, wine and spirits... It will even be possible for those who want to play golf over the Mediterranean with biodegradable balls.

A new catamaran area

The multihulls have a new enlarged area, entirely dedicated to them, opposite the Pantiero quay. A pontoon crossing will make it possible to make the complete turn of the space for a better observation of the boats. About forty models will be presented.

Max Laubeuf Quay Marina

"A"shore marina" is proposed for boats under 12 metres. Exhibitors will be able to present their models on trailers, with access via a raised pontoon. This will give visitors better visibility of the units ashore.

Continued success

The Cannes boat show will celebrate in 2016 the 10th anniversary of the Brokerage and Charter Area, located on the Port Pierre Canto. Welcoming the units of more than 22 meters available at the Charter and on the second-hand market, its presence is from now on permanently registered in the program.

Following the success of the first edition of the elegance competition in 2015, the event is repeated for the 2016 edition.

The semi-rigid space continues to expand to keep pace with the dynamism of this sector.

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