Incidence Sails, Morgan Riou takes over the management of the Brest and Lorient sites

Morgan Riou

Engineer and former member of the French 470 team, Morgan Riou joins the Incidence sailmaker to manage his Breton sites.

An industrial career

Morgan Riou graduated from INSA Lyon in Mechanical Engineering and Development with a"sport-study" degree. He joined Thalès as soon as he graduated from school in 2001. Moving from the workshop to the design office in France and Turkey, before joining Incidence, he was in charge of a production team of 15 people.

Racer since time immemorial

Morgan Riou was part of the French 470 team for eight years, from 1992 to 2000. He has always continued to practice racing, especially in J80 and match racing.

Combining passion and profession

For the 41-year-old from Brest, this arrival at Incidence is an opportunity to combine the useful and the pleasant:"I'm very happy with these new functions, it's a synthesis of what I know and like to do: I have a good experience of industrial production and a solid racing background, I can contribute to the development of the Breton sailmaking sites on these two levels"

The commercial activity will be new for Morgan Riou who will nevertheless leave with a good knowledge of the environment and the products: "I have[...] never made a commercial, but there is an efficient team in place, I know the product and number of skippers of my generation such as Armel Le Cléac'h, Yann Eliès, Jérémie Beyou..."

Stimulating objectives

With the recent launch of the DFi filament membrane, which has proved its worth in IMOCA, Incidence has ambitious commercial objectives, enough to stimulate the new recruit:"The high-tech membrane production site, the development prospects towards new markets: it's very positive, there's a great dynamic! It's as stimulating as it is reassuring, it makes you want to go!"