Watt and Sea, highest activity!

After last February's fire, we check in with Watt and Sea. Hydrogen generator activity and delivery is in full swing again!

New premises and business resumption

While the fire of the night of February 19th to 20th had ravaged its premises in the port des Minimes, Watt and Sea moved into new buildings at Creatio Park, in Chef de Baie, still in La Rochelle since the beginning of April. The activity there has now resumed well and the shipments of material follow on from one another. For Carole Bourlon, sales manager:"Today, the only difficulty is to deliver!

A recovery from equity capital

While the day after the incident, Yannick Bestaven, the founding skipper, had launched an appeal for external financing to perpetuate the company, the solution was finally found internally. The partners and the State played the game, allowing a rescheduling of certain repayments. Customers also supported Watt and Sea, which now has the cash needed to deliver orders and replenish its inventory. According to Carole Bourlon, the company's future is once again assured.

Stock target and Vendée Globe

While the priority so far has been the delivery of urgent orders already placed, Watt and Sea can now start rebuilding stock. The objective is a positive stock for mid-July, in order to attack the new year under the best conditions.

For Carole Bourlon,"the fire is now far behind us, the objective now is the Vendée Globe and Hydrocontest". The company equips most of the boats in the round the world race with hydrogen generators, all of which have now been delivered. In addition, Watt and Sea is the official supplier of electric thrusters for the Hydrocontest competition rewarding the most efficient electric boats.

Always developments in progress

If they were slowed down by the last events, the company continues its developments, still confidential, in the nautical industry and elsewhere. See you for the next news.