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Bateaux.com dedicates a space to all multihull lovers. Multihull.com was born to offer you the best information on several hulls.

If the entire yachting market is at half mast, the multihull market is in the best shape. This is why shipyards are now investing heavily in this promising niche.

When we talk multihull, we naturally think cruising catamaran. They are indeed the most represented in this sector. In France especially since we are fortunate to have the world leader Lagoon as well as third world manufacturer Fountaine-Pajot. Number two is South African Leopard. Then followed Nautitech and Catana (always French). The other actors are very present, but do not weigh much in number of units. We can cite Outremer, Privilège for the biggest.

The market separates into an offer for rent. This is where the largest volume of the market is, but also the smallest margins. Boats intended for mass cruising are more concerned with comfort on board and ease of navigation than with performance.

But next to this market is also a demand from owners who want sailboats to live on on long voyages. The choice of multihull is then dictated by several criteria, including performance under sail. Hence certain yards like Outremer, Swiss Catamaran or Aventura which invest this niche. In this segment, there are few units sold, but sales have a large margin.

Alongside these catamarans, there is an offer of trimarans that are often smaller and more playful like the Astus or the Tricat, but also very liveable like the Neel range.

For the past 5 years, a motor catamaran offer has appeared timidly, but it is having trouble breaking through. Undoubtedly it is due to the problem of autonomy that limits the fuel.

The fact remains that the multihull clientele (and therefore the readership) is a family apart. That is why on bateaux.com, we decided to treat them as such and to reserve a dedicated space for them to exhibit and discuss their own problem.


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