Stainless steel fixing insert

Lismar distributes stainless steel fixing inserts well adapted for the equipment of boats.

Lismar is a design agency that offers specific equipment for its customers, fittings distributors or shipyards.

We imagined a piece to screw in the composite or in the wood on which is fixed any type of equipment (racks with bottles, seats, consoles, boxes...). Assembly and dismantling are possible while keeping the deck watertight and clean and without the need for access from below (no inspection hatch).

This range consists of several sizes and is made entirely of 316L stainless steel.

This product is the result of a study carried out with the University of Nîmes to calculate and measure the resistance of this element.

For example, the 8 insert (8 mm internal thread) resists 800 DAN tearing.

The assembly is simple: simply drill and screw the insert with glue/seal.

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