Fischer-Panda generators launch the new xControl

XControl Fischer Panda System

New design, new features for Fischer Panda generator control systems.

New communication standards

Fischer Panda asynchronous generators have been well installed on the market for 25 years. While home automation and global control systems now integrate all on-board equipment, it was necessary for the German brand to facilitate the integration of its equipment into the installations. The new xControl uses the SAE J1939 protocol allowing interaction with on-board control.

A new interface

A backlit display replaces the old LED panel. It groups together all operating commands and alarms. A service menu provides access to all functions.

The xControl environment is multilingual.

A modular system

To facilitate the evolution of the on-board installation, Fischer Panda has provided the possibility of adding a second control panel, as well as additional modules, using a BUS type connection.

Example of installation

Easy installation and operation

The hardware installation is Plug&Play. No initial settings are required.

Regular self-testing functions ensure long-term equipment reliability. Fast control ensures a stable current supply.

In the process of generalization

Available on the 6-12 kW performance models, the xControl should equip the 15-25kW range within a short time, in order to make all the brand's generators compatible with the control command systems on the market.

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