Multilingual translation of technical nautical brochures

Olivier Criou at Amberoute's helm

Amberoute is specialized in the multilingual production of commercial or technical brochures. But only in the maritime field! A skill that is not found in a traditional translator.

Amberoute offers an atypical service:"locate" all the documentation of companies working in the yachting or maritime industries. Localization means the translation of all documents (instructions for use, instructions, technical or commercial brochures) taking into account each local regulation.

Indeed, each country, even if it speaks the same language, does not have the same safety regulations. Thus a doc in English will not be identical to be broadcast in England or Australia. Amberoute searches every regulation to carry out these translations adapted to each local specificity.

At the head of this company is Olivier Criou who, after having sailed (notably on Friday 13), has been sailing for over 20 years in the nautical equipment sector (B&G, Euronav, Marlow Ropes and Harken). This product knowledge, this technical competence, allows him to know the terms and needs of the trade.

Assisted today by some translators he met during his career, he can now offer more than 10 languages in addition to French:

  • Finn
  • Swede
  • Dane
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spaniard
  • Czech
  • Rumanian
  • Chinese
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Poles

In addition to translation, Amberoute is able to deliver a service from A to Z :

  • Layout
  • Printing
  • Shipping & Returns

Amberoute's location in Lithuania also ensures the best manufacturing costs.