Django 12.70, first contact with the sea

After more than a year of work, the Django 12.70, the biggest model of the High Tide shipyard has just been launched.

On Friday 25 March 2016, the Tide Up shipyard launched its first Django 12.70. The sailboat is not totally finished and there are still some details to be done, but we can already see the line of this future offshore messenger.

The Django 12.70 is designed as a fast long-distance cruising sailboat. The specifications can be summarized in three points:

  • Zero condensation
  • Possibility of stranding
  • Performance and manoeuvrability in solo mode

Built in foam sandwich, this sailboat is well insulated both on the hull and deck to avoid condensation. Many opening portholes also ensure good ventilation.

For grounding, the Django 12.70 is equipped with a lifting keel. He can then rest on it supported on 2 lateral supports. The cable-stayed chainplates on the shell plating are designed to receive these crutches. The leading edge of the keel has been equipped with a fibreglass martyr whose role is to protect the cast iron of the keel. After several years of stranding, it will be possible to sand it and take it back without difficulty.

For the solo sailor, or the reduced crew, all the manoeuvres return to the cockpit.

Launched near the construction site in Minaoët, the Django 12.70 took to the sea (with the engine, the mast not being adjusted) to reach Concarneau. It is there that he will receive the latest carpentry finishes and upholstery. Outside, we can also notice that the dolphinière that must come on the davier is missing. Other developments such as the validation of the central windlass and the chain well at the foot of the mast in the square cabinet have yet to be tested.

After the development, this first model will leave on a long cruise to South America. This model is equipped with what the yard calls a "hard top". An option that welcomes above the mainsail sheet. But it is possible to equip the boat with a simple roll bar (still for the GV sheet) or, if the customer wants a more racy boat, to transfer the sheet to a rail at the rear of the cockpit.

The yard now reserves a running-in period for sea trials before launching a promotional campaign with boat trials for the press and customers.

Report : High Tide

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The High Tide shipyard has just started manufacturing the Django 12.70