Rigiflex, a specialist in rotational moulding, has demolded its new website!

New website for the boat manufacturer Rigiflex. Boats, spare parts, technology... It's all there!

New website for a company in renewal

The Rigiflex brand, created by Jeanneau more than 30 years ago, was acquired in August 2014 by ROTOTEC ENGINEERING. The latter was already active in the nautical industry and had been producing catamaran, kayak and pedal boat hulls for years. By taking over the Rigiflex brand (brand, moulds, distributors...), ROTOTOTEC ENGINEERING intends to continue the development of new boats by building on the existing reputation.

Emphasis on Made in France

All the boats sold by Rigiflex are entirely produced in France. Based in Miniac-Morvan, near Saint-Malo, the company defines itself as a 100% French boat manufacturer.

The construction in rotomoulded polyethylene, specific to the site, is explained on the website. The materials and their characteristics, as well as a video (see at the end of the article) showing the manufacturing process are presented online.

Aqua Bass - The latest Rigiflex model

Complete range and spare parts

The entire range is presented on the website, declined according to usage:

  • Freshwater fishing boats
  • Sea fishing boats
  • Safety boats (the famous New-Matic)
  • Recreational boats

Spare parts are displayed online for ordering from the dealer.

The rigiflex.fr website relays the main news. It is obviously completed with a facebook page, to keep up with the latest Rigiflex information.

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