Discover the new range of Nanni engines

New motor of the N6 series

Nanni Industries has just launched a new range of diesel marine engines from 150 to 760 horsepower, which will be presented at the Paris Boat Show, from December 5 to 14.

New N6 Series Engine

A new range of 32 engines

The new Nanni range has been designed in partnership with John Deere Power System and offers engine bases ranging from 150 to 760 horsepower. " This represents 32 engines classified under 4 ranges: N5, N6, N9 and N13" series they explain to us at Nanni Industries

These four product families are composed as follows:

  • The N5 series from 150 to 230 horses
  • The N6 series from 200 to 405 horses
  • The N9 series from 290 to 560 horses
  • The N13 series from 370 to 760 horsepower.

The Nanni range has now been extended with 32 new models to complete the list of partners such as Kubota, Toyota and MAN.

" This range allowed us to fill a void that Nanni had before. We started at 10 and stopped at 300 horsepower and then offered big Man engines for superyachts or workboats. Today, we can say that we sell engines from 10 to 1900 horses. This gives us a really wide range of engines and allows us to hit all targets, from sailboats, pleasure fishing, small yachts, superyachts, work boats."

But this new range will also enable Nanni Industries to develop its commercial activity on the American territory. The manufacturer had many agencies on site, but did not offer a range adapted to the American market" This range will make it easier for us to approach the American market. These models must be approved. We didn't have the range adapted to American navigation, so this year with this great range we're going to respond to the American market."

The T4 Evo 2, Nanni's flagship engine

The T4 Evo series engines have been developed on the basis of the Toyota Common Rail direct injection engine on a wide range of commercial and off-road vehicles. They have proven to be ideal for navigation, especially for sport-oriented vessels such as fishing trips. This engine is available in shaftline and Stern Drive in 200, 230 and 270 hp. Over the past year, it has established itself on the market and seduced many shipyards around the world such as Cockwells, Seacat, Broom, Rhéa..." The T4 Evo 2 engine is a Toyota engine. The products are marinated in France, at La Teste, it is our know-how".

Nanni at the Nautic in Paris

Nanni will be present at the Nautic in Paris from December 5th to 14th and will present its new products exclusively in Hall 2-2 Stand A11. The new models N5.230 CR2, N6.405 CR2 and N9.560 CR2 as well as the bestseller T4 Evo 2 will be on display We will present three engines from the Deere range. They are huge engines, they weigh over a ton, so you have to plan the logistics. At the show, we reach all audiences, so we have to show our know-how and offer several models."

New N9 Series Engine

Nanni will be present at the nautic show in Paris "The goal of an exhibition is always to develop sales, but also to meet our sites, because it is important to have this relationship live.

Many of our shipyards are exhibiting the new boats, notably Rhéa who has launched the 730 equipped with the T4 Evo 230. This is an opportunity for all the professionals to meet, to take stock, but also to renegotiate the contracts for the boat's exclusivity and motorisation. Nor should we forget the meeting of the general public, the final customer."

For the latter, the agents of Nanni's French network will also be present in Paris to represent the different regions. " In France, we have a network of agents-retailers, but also mechanics and it is declined in the same way everywhere in the world. We have about one agent per country."

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